Thursday, November 15, 2012

on the border

Last night, starting to get a sense of how it will look, quite different from where it was ten days ago, as well as how much time the border painting takes. (about an hour for seven repeats of the pattern, which is about how long our plucky heroine can stand on the stepladder before taking a break) If all goes well the decorations will be all filled in tonight.

The combination of the lilac and the coppery golden metallic is different from any previous decorative painting I've done, despite being a steppe nomad pattern it reminds me just a bit of a vintage candy tin, but be that as it may, it looks visually strong enough to not need any additional outlining. The choice to leave the top part of the wall white is actually working well, since the poor bathroom has no window, so no natural light, the white helps bounce what light there is around the room.

and... tonight the border painting is finished! A modest effort makes a big difference.


  1. Really beautiful, definitely worth the effort!

  2. That is just fabulous! It looks so lush and neo-Victorian.

  3. Looking forward to seeing it in person

  4. Your bathroom is beautiful. I've just been reading SG Decluttering