Wednesday, September 19, 2012

make and mend

Over on New Vintage Lady's blog, she posted the Make and Mend challenge for this year, and since it sounds like fun, and like a number of the requirements are things that will make good handwork projects 'til it is cool enough to resume knitting, look for an assortment of additional projects in the next month and a half.

These are the Make and Mend criteria for 2012:
  • Make two crafts from scrap fabric, (hat, pot holders, table runner, etc.).
  • Rework one garment.
  • Make two wearable items not meant for day wear (i.e. : jim jams, robe, slip, etc.).
  • Embellish one item (i.e. faggoting, pin tucking, embroidery, etc).
  • Make one item (in addition or one of the items above) for someone else.

The idea of make and mend is not as twee as it sounds; to be able to repair, or actively reuse household things is a resilient skill. I do not discard clothing until it is worn out, and often then the useable parts are remade into something else. But then, I make pretty much more than 90% of my wearables save footgear. My first project though, will be something far from utilitarian: silk organza flowers... hopefully the tutorial for t-shirt roses will also work with a more ethereal fabric. The fabric, as mentioned yesterday, was part of a bundle sent to me by an online pal from the Stitchers Guild message board (thanks Luz Clara), and shows obvious signs of having pattern pieces cut from it, so surely fits the description of scrap fabric, albeit a rather large scrap!

These are my ideas for what to make:
  • fabric flowers to decorate hats + potholder from leftovers from kitchen plastic bag holder*
  • Rework black thrifted dress into jumper
  • two slips aka underdresses for added wintertime warmth
  • Embellishment will not be a problem, pretty much everything I make has some kind of handworked decoration
  • if I post what I will be making for someone else, it will not be a surprise...

* apparently I forgot to post about this small project, completed a few weeks part of the ongoing attempt to do at least one thing every day to combat entropy, I stitched up this bag holder, made from about half of a tea towel, to hang between the kitchen and the workroom. This bit of useful storage has been on my to-do list for months now, but took less than an hour... The more that there are "places" for the needful stuff to live, the more focus can shift to more interesting things than why are the plastic bags on the floor again

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