Tuesday, September 18, 2012

in search of baby bears reality and other Tuesday tidbits

in which our plucky heroine makes the too small larger and the too big smaller, among other things...

These flowers are "Cockscomb" aka "Brain Celosia"... this flower looks so much like something that grows in a tide pool, but is actually part of the amaranth family, and some in this group are edible, though I'd not chance it with these, grown for their flowers. I wonder if this might be a suitable brain substitute for feeding vegetarian zombies?

(this thimble is too small) I find that handstitching is a lot more comfortable with a thimble to push the needle around, and ever since working in the leather shop back in the seventies, I much prefer a leather thimble to one of metal. Somehow, though, the most recent one I cobbled together ended up just a little bit too snug. Rather than wait for it to stretch out into the perfect fit, like my other almost-worn-out ten-year-old thimble, I decided to stretch it overnight instead... soaked in water, then stuffed enough spoon handles into it to get it just a bit larger. The next morning when it was dry, it was perfect.

(this pinafore is too big) Am almost finished with the black textured stripe jumper. All the edges are bound with self-bias, and the pockets sewn in place, but when I tried it on, somehow I had overestimated how wide I am on top, and it was comically loose at the sides... rather a pain to unpick the binding at the armscye edges, but it will soon be remedied. I shall simply pinch out a dart next to the side seam, as it is only right at the edge that it is too loose...

(these flowers are just right) Took all my felted flower brooches off the denim hat and refurbished them. The background fabric is shot silk organza (purple and blue) that will become some additional fabric roses, all to be used to decorate a very fine party hat... After all when friends are getting married, what better time for an extravagant millinery confection. And rather than run up another warm weather party dress, I shall make do with my current one, a relic from years ago at Country Fair, a beautiful bias cut hand dyed rayon, with triple layered cape sleeves, in cobalt and purple. I did not sew it myself, and spent, at the time, waaaaay too much on it, but it has served me well for many years, and will continue to do so.

. .
Is it contagious? At the barbeque on Sunday, my pal Vandy showed up with a recombinant dress that she had embellished using the renowned Alabama Chanin style reverse applique. I think she did a splendid job, and really would expect that, as she is one of the most amazingly multitalented artists that I am honored to have as friends. If I could say that she has a primary art, it might be her glassblowing work - look at the great autumnal pumpkins that she makes...

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