Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn 6PAC update

Have been finding small bits of time almost every day to keep on with my sewing, though sometimes it is only for fifteen or twenty minutes. The minutes add up though...

Item # 4 in the Autumn 6PAC, the basic black jumper dress, made from "mystery fabric". I suspect this will see a lot of wear just as soon as the weather cools down. All edges self-bound including pocket tops.

It did take a bit of doing to get the under-armscye to not be quite so baggy, but the odd darts (vertical, next to side seams) I needed to take are basically hidden in the texture of the heavy cotton fabric. I think that the next time I make this pattern, I shall do a few minor adjustments on the upper bodice, I think that the shoulders are just a bit wider than I am comfortable with, they almost try to slide off, so rather than shift them, I shall narrow them instead. I also think that I need to either scoop out the armscye a bit in the front, or maybe do a small narrow upper chest adjustment... not sure...but the inner edge of the armscye, just above the bust, is not quite right.

The finished hat for my Autumn 6PAC... The brown fabric is the same brushed twill that is intended for the final two 6PAC items. Added an outer hatband, ribbon trim edged in the same bias black linen as the edgebinding. Decorated with a blue felt rose and a feather brooch I brought home from OCF about twenty years ago...

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  1. Sigh. I can't sew, certainly nothing like that. How creative AND practical. I have this one black shirt, old from Land's End made out of some miracle fabric that never wrinkles and washes and air drys in a heartbeat. I wish 'd bought 12 of them. Can't find them know and it's getting raggedly.

    Well done!