Sunday, June 10, 2012

make do and mend

Since our plucky heroine has more time than ready dosh these days, it seems to be is sensible to refurbish what clothing needs only some time and attention to be made wearable. This popover dress was sent back to the land of fabric scraps, since it needed both some additional length, and work to make the neck edges sturdy again. It had originally been made in a hurry, to wear when the weather was beastly hot. If it gets in the 90 and above zone this summer, will be good to have more than one lightweight frock.
A fortuitous other bit of scrap seemed to be an appropriate way to reinforce the neck edge, small strips of leftover cotton in a lively modern leaf print make a narrow binding, as well as a small center embellishment, and hand stitching is transit-time craft. Once the neck edge is repaired, there is a beloved partially-threadbare linen Bluefish tunic that will make a suitable hem extension. The lower edge of the linen tunic is nowhere near as worn as the bodice, just worn enough to be soft and lightweight, and is the same pale celery green as some of the rayon print fabrics. An extension of about two inches will be just enough to make me much happier, and surely there is some suitable fabric hiding in one of the scrap boxes to bind the edge...
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In the interest of both replacing badly worn out current clothing, and in using some of my vast assortment of stashed fabrics, I have been planning future sewing projects. The most immediate one will be the trial muslin of the "Sisters of Edwardia" blouse, for Steph in Australia, in the size that matches my measurements, which is to say, rather rotund! Since it was not possible to participate in SWAP 2012 due to horrible medical foo, I shall also be working on a summer 6 PAC. The plan suggests these six garments:
1. jacket/cardigan/raincoat etc your best medium or light neutral colour
2. bottom (trousers/skirt/shorts/skort/whatever) in the same colour
3. t-shirt or blouse in the same colour
4. t-shirt or blouse (underlayer top) in a second neutral -- again, lighter for summer would be my advice
5. bottom in the same colour
6. a dress in a LINKING print (ie contains the neutrals together, ideally plus colour)

which will be interpreted in my best Acorn Cottage style to be:
1. indigo cotton cable knit cardigan (refashion)
2. blue rayon loose trousers
3. blue rayon popover tunic
4. blue stripey t-shirt
5. dark denim jumper
6. indigo batik rayon popover dress
While this is not perzactly the suggested plan, the fabrics are all ones that are currently waiting to be used, and all will coordinate with the clothing that is already in my closet. The loose trousers will be the only non-TNT pattern in this combo, and I am eager to make the attempt. Rather than have #5 be the same color value as #4, I am opting for a darker jumper, simply because I already have a denim jumper in that medium blue.

The indigo cardigan was a lucky score a number of years ago, actually in the form of a midweight turtleneck sweater. My intention is to slice it down the center front, bind the edges, and attach strips removed from the center front of a denim vest, (that already have buttonholes and metal tack-buttons) to create a closure. Might also add patch pockets to the front corners, not sure about that... My intention is a somewhat fun and funky refashion that will get a lot of use, there is a serious lack of third layers in my wardrobe.
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If these all get completed before the end of July, and there is no real reason why not, since most are only the work of a few days, then I get to play with some other fun options... There is another length of denim, in a medium blue that would work for woods-walking trousers, there are two pieces of true shibori indigo cotton, which would make interesting tunic tops to wear under jumpers or over trousers, and there is a dress length of cotton lawn, in one of the prettiest prints I have seen in years. The printed lawn (Trios by Alexander Henry) is almost as delightfully pleasant to the touch as Liberty Tana Lawn; in fact I liked it so much that I've actually another piece of it in the black colorway!...

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