Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday tidbits

It is a very Portland-ish sort of morning, thought our plucky heroine as she pedaled enthusiastically down the street to the grocery store, through a grey and misty damp June morning...  My dear friend Mindy has been trying to get some tomatillo starts down to Acorn Cottage from OlyWa for weeks now, and finally through the good graces of her parents, the plant babies are safely here. There just might be some homegrown salsa verde this year. Three tomatillo babies survived the transit (via her parents) from Oly to Vancouver, and from Vancouver to New Seasons, (where we met in the parking lot for the transfer) and from there to my house, in the bike basket...
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There have been a number of pretty things to see while walkabout in the last few days

a sign with good advice, if lousy penmanship...

a glowing rose heart

a red door with some lovely paintwork for the house number*

common mallow, Malva sylvestris
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There is ongoing medical foo, but am doing my best not to let it get me downhearted. Truly, if one persists in telling self stories about "how I shall not let this stop me", eventually it will become truth, at least on the level of intention and belief. Our plucky heroine is a lot more cheerful person now than when in my youth, though my circumstances are far less filled with resources and physical strength. As the story goes, with this much s*%t around, there must be a pony somewhere nearby... Am still baffled as to what possible learning is a gift to go along with all this, but one small thing came to mind when I posted on Stitchers Guild today... I wrote: "if all my medical foo has taught me anything, it is to use it while you have it - saving my special fabrics for some mythical special project, or for when I maybe someday manage to lose 50 pounds, is not how I will actually enjoy them. If the fabric becomes clothing, I can enjoy it every day!"  There are layers and layers of learning to live in the now, though that has been my path for long years, there is always further to go.
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* not my house number, but it is always a treat to see someplace where folks chose to use handicraft rather than what is mass produced... Hmmmm, maybe Acorn Cottage needs some homemade house numbers...

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