Tuesday, May 29, 2012

nightwalking, after the eclipse

sometimes, when Gryphon comes to visit, we go out night-walking and picture-taking, an activity that never fails in interest...

This time of year, light in the sky lasts till long after sundown and suppertime

As it gets dark there are wonderful silhouettes of trees against the darkening sky to capture, and streetlight shadows make the tall even taller...

Along the top of the bluff, car lights leave tracers to show their passage...

...and as we walk home in the late springtime darkness, the streetlights glow and the wisteria is in bloom, sweet scent and happy memory.


  1. Those are wonderful photos. Dad didnt' stay up late enough to see it up in L.View, so I will share those with him.

    1. The actual eclipse was much earlier, in the late afternoon. I almost missed it, the actual event was fairly quick, but Gryphon showed up at my door actually during the eclipse and called me outside to watch. (I might be able to send you some of the pictures that he took, of the sun looking like the moon, they are on his Facebook page) It got quite dark here, and then the eclipse ended and it went back to being late afternoon.