Monday, May 28, 2012

homemade potstickers aka Peking ravioli

'Twill be a busy day today with Rafny and the cats moving in, so not a long post...

Last night our plucky heroine got a wild hair about craving potstickers. The ground pork that had been bought as a meatloaf component was instead mixed in with some chopped frozen shrimp and scallions, seasoned with some garlic and soy sauce, and turned into potsticker filling.

Instead of making my own wrappers from scratch, wonton wraps were cut round into circles and shaped into the familiar crescents. Was not too difficult, just very fiddly, as each thin round gets a teaspoonfull of filling, dabbed round the edges with water, and carefully folded round and sealed

Once made, the cooking is the same as storebought ones: hot pan with cold oil, sizzle 'till browned on the bottom, add some water and cover, steam until the filling is cooked and the wrappers are translucent

Ta da - the tasty result! ...just like their name, quite a few stuck to the pan. (notes for next attempt, try adding in some chinese cabbage, and go to 2:1 ratio shrimp:pork)

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