Wednesday, May 30, 2012

inside 'n out 'n round about

indoors here at Acorn Cottage, there are some four-legged denizens, companions to my temporary housemate, who have made themselves quite at home:
Toby is rather more shy
but Pyewacket considers that she already owns the place...
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

In the backyard, there are eight baby pears on the Bartlett, perhaps this year there will be a pear or two to harvest?

and as you walk up to the front door, culinary sage is covered in vivid purple flowers. This was my first plant, a gift from Mr Dawson years ago, which lived in a pot as I moved from place to place. When I moved here to Acorn Cottage, it was ceremonially planted next to the front walkway.
~ ~ ~≈:::≈~ ~ ~

Someone finally figured out that there is nowhere to buy hardware on the whole North Portland peninsula. Today on the way to the post office, there was a sign up in front of the block where the DHS office, now demolished, once was. Apparently in the fullness of time, we will be getting an Ace Hardware. Of course, there will still be plenty of reasons to visit Winks, but for simple basics, it will be convenient, being only one bus route and about a half hour, rather than two or three bus routes and at least an hour each way. Our plucky heroine is a bit of a hardware store geek, as witness the souvenirs (random bits of house hardware) brought home from the basement of BHV on a trip to Paris years ago, but sometimes wishes that she still had a car.

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