Thursday, May 3, 2012

a Kaylee kind of super-power

In which our plucky heroine is gifted with a paradigm shift...

While checking out at the grocery store, one of my cashier pals asked me "how ya doing - the last time through the line, you were having a pretty rough day..."; when I told him I was getting irradiated this week, he said, oh, so you will be getting your superpowers then, right??

I said my first thought - "Yeah, I am getting a cheerfulness ray... so that when folks are having a bad day, I can zap them and their day will improve"

He was impressed, said that I managed to choose a superpower that could not be used for evil but only for good...

Was the first ever comment about the upcoming procedures that were both lighthearted and positive. Not that I mind being told how strong I am, or how this is just the next step in the journey, or that I'll get through it to find a "new normal", but sometimes I do not feel strong, often I wish I did not find myself on this path, and I was quite happy with my old normal, which was working quite well thank you very much! Perhaps someday, in the may it be long years from now future, looking back will show what learning is core in this challenge. Now, in the middle of it, the meaning is impenetrable.


  1. A few years back a local hospital had ads that said "Today is a good day." with pictures of people who had gone through various medical stuff. Having gone through plenty of medical crap I realized how powerful that ad was.
    You learn to live today esp. if it's a good one.At some point you will know for sure what a crappy day is and what a good day is.On the crappy days you can look forward to tomorrow because it could very well be a good day.
    It is my focus and mantra,because like you I may never be out of the wood of medical ups and downs.

  2. your wise words and kind companionship help more than I can tell... I used to jokingly say, when asked how I was doing "every day above ground is a good day"; not quite the same meaning nowadays

  3. Now focus on being here and ignoring the not being here part because dang it being here is darn awesome.