Thursday, May 3, 2012

random kibbles and bits

light is there even when it looks dark, and infrastructure remains solid, even when unseen.

Tomorrow will be a houseful of guests, my beloved parents will arrive from the other coast, and my most dear G will drive down after work so we can meet them at the airport...

small brightness, that at after nine in the evening, there is still blue light in the sky, truly the year is turning...
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Discovered a remedy for tablecloths stained with tea, a common occurrence after Crafternoon - white vinegar... yep, found on the internet... Not being willing to tea-dye my favorite ikat cloth to beige and blue, nor bleach it lest the lovely dye pattern become faded, I tried an online "helpful hint for homemakers" and soaked the splotch overnight in white vinegar (after washing it with soap and water), then tossed in the laundry. Much to my surprise, it did get the tea stain out of the cloth. Worth remembering...
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My dear pal Rois sent me this song today, wish I could add it to my little music player, because it is a really good one!
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(from xkcd

Got through today, just barely, with help from friends and family seen and unseen. When I arrived in the basement of the cancer center (where the radiation happens) and was told that they needed to take my photo, I lost it. Now mind you, I do not like having my picture taken. Pretty much not at all. And it was a most unpleasant surprise. So I refused, and bargained with the idea of bringing in my already taken picture, but that was not good enough. Really, I think it was about me losing all control in the situation. I am in tears now again, even thinking about it. Such a small foolish thing to reduce me to small and powerless, in a situation where I already feel pretty crushed and lost. (could have stuck to my refusal, but then I would not have been able to proceed with the treatment, since I was told that it is the law that your image is tied to their records) The rest of the afternoon was just unpleasant, something to be got through, which I did. Feeling mostly like a bug pinned to a board, which the machinery kind of does to you.

Would have handled the whole thing better, had I not allowed myself to be knocked off balance right at the start, off my center of cheerful strength. When home again, a long walk was tiring but not soothing. Channeling the little engine, and remembering that this is 25% of the way through...

dog is wild-eyed
startling at shadows

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