Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bang! said Max

Okay, well since there is little that can be done right now about the ongoing and ever expanding medical foo, our plucky heroine took a time out on Saturday to go out - out of the city, and out onto the mountain, out along forest service roads with some of her Resilency Ranger pals... Yes, it is time for sudden loud noises, a powerful antidote indeed!

After a rather sketchy start getting everyone on the same page, we managed to get out of town before noon, and it is a real blessing to have parkland so close to go play in. Our trips up on the sides of Mt Hood are partially scouting trips for the hunting boys, for deer season later in the year, and partially trips to go shooting outdoors. There are various places where this is possible, depending on conditions...

There is still snow over the road to where we went last summer
and on examination, it was obvious that we needed to look elsewhere
along the way, there were various stops to look for signs of deer, since there is great hope for a successful hunt this fall,
by those with enough experience to make that happen...
eventually we did find a suitable partially sunny gravel pit; much fun was had before it was time to go home

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