Tuesday, May 22, 2012

quickie update - more later

In which our plucky heroine might escape the Zombie Leg Wraps of Doom...

Just want to reassure folks that I am still upright, still rambling round, and so on; just trying to play catch-up here at Acorn Cottage, got a lot of ground to cover in the next week or so...

Last weekend involved a fun Ranger trip up on Mt Hood, friends, guns, some gentle woodswalking, and wildflowers!

Still have not found a suitable replacement for my Opinel, but the St Johns Flea Market is worth checking out anyway...

Good R & R time with my dear G, (though he missed our field trip). He pulled into the driveway just during the middle of the solar eclipse this weekend!

More horrible med-foo: the new diagnosis (lymphedema) being not-covered by OHP, despite being directly caused by my surgery in January! May be able to escape the necessity for weeks of leg wrapping if my limbs respond to the obnoxious tubes of compression instead, which will allow me to wear human shoes, at least, instead of shuffling around the city in layers of leg wrapping and velcro cast sandals (can you say "zombie prey"!?!)

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