Thursday, May 17, 2012

a few good things

something heartening - isaac mowing...

My backyard had not been mowed all year, since yardwork was far lower on my priority list that healing. It has been looking very much like a tiny hayfield and almost impassable, with a narrow footpath between the yardgate and the hen house. All that grass flowering and seeding creates a mortal lot of pollen, much to my detriment. So I asked for help, and was gratefully surprised that Isaac, the son of my dear friend Rois offered to help. He came all the way here on transit and bicycle from their home in Beaverton, on the other side of west hills...
This kind young man spent the entire afternoon with my electric weed-whacker, turning the jungle back into a semblance of lawn, in addition to several turns round and about chasing wayward naughty hen Sparkley that kept escaping. The worst of the lawn-hay has been dumped into the henyard for the chooks to play in, and he will be coming back again tomorrow to mow down the shaggy bits. Kids these days...are a blessing and an honor to know, this one is pretty special!
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something lovely - lilac blossoms...

I admit it, I am not the best plant mother, in fact am rather slapdash about the plants here at Acorn Cottage. They need to be fairly self-sustaining to make it, and with great delight I have managed to keep this lovely dwarf lilac alive. A gift from my friend E, it blooms at about the same time as its larger cousins, but down next to the porch, where the sweet scent is a very breath of springtime.

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something tasty - sushi dinner...

Though gradually eating my way through the frozen packets of soup left from my convalescence is an easy way to answer the question of dinner, tonight I felt well enough to indulge myself in a trip downtown and a few plates of sushi. After days of plain white bread and white rice, the tummy is finally calm and the desire is for something crunchy and something fishy. Salmon, and tempura, yes yes yes. Something I do not cook at home...
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something worth watching ...


  1. Issac's name means "laughter" and he has brought that to everyone he meets his whole life.I am glad he has made you happier at Acorn Cottage.

  2. The video is lovely. It has left me very reflective this morning. Thank you for sharing.