Thursday, January 27, 2011

well that was fun!

The talisman pendant is finished, to the best that my ability and tools can do. I shan't eagerly point out all the things that I could have done better*, but will, instead, rejoice that I was able to come so close to my initial vision. It is both delicate and quite sturdy (appropriately) and will give me great pleasure to wear. The prong setting was not as difficult to do as I'd feared, and seems to hold the crystal securely.

prongs are bent to fit the contour of the crystal, holding it securely in place

a slightly foreshortened view of the finished talisman pendant

Strung temporarily on a piece of blue ribbon,
so I can still wear it whilst waiting for inspiration (for the necklace portion)

My initial idea, to use braided or woven cord to hang the pendant from, did not work with any of the cordage currently in my textile stash. Neither did any of my uncommitted plain or beaded necklaces. This piece is so light that it needs a suitably flexible complement; it may be necessary to make a new bit of round-braid that will be appropriate. So for now, since I want to wear this, it is strung on a bit blue silk ribbon tied to a vintage Thai silver S-clasp. It wants to be shorter than my usual necklaces, which drop over my head without needing a clasp at all; this one wants to be just longer than choker length, to rest in that space between the collarbone and the cleavage. 'Twill be fun, also, to see the final iteration, once the necklace inspiration comes clear, but that will have to wait on the muse...

* It took me many years to get over this particular self-deprecating impulse, which is not really useful. It is not like my knowledge of what could have been done better will disappear if not shared; the useful thing is to figure out how to use that information to improve future work. When folks admire the work of hands, the appropriate response is "thank you" (not a recitation of flaws)


  1. Wow! That is fantastic, and I love how you share your progress along the way so that readers can see how it evolved. Very cool.

  2. I think it's beautiful--definitely part of a body of work.