Wednesday, January 26, 2011

further progress

It sure is different working on something with only an idea of how it might go together, a modicum of technical skills, and no real experience or useful book detail for the "how to do it" part. Feels good, feels like stretching me...

front: prongs soldered in, details engraved and stamped

back: details engraved, back of prongs visible

whew! the crystal still fits (between the prongs)

This little talisman is about half done at this point. The pendant is only 1¼" in the longest dimension. The next steps, cleaning up the metal, polishing, and setting the crystal, will take at least as long. The prongs will be cut to fit the stone neatly once they are bent into place. Cleanup and polishing is my very least favorite part, and since I don't really know what I'm doing, the actual prong setting will be rather an anxious task. Still, no way to learn this 'xept by doing, just like lots of other really worthwhile activities.

The metal is currently at a 600 grit finish, but there are several areas of unevenness that need worked on, and then the whole thing can be either polished with the flex-shaft, and/or put in the tumbler for a while to be burnished. These 3M radial bristle discs make the cleanup/polishing a bit easier, as the option learned when I was a girl was to use various polishing compounds, which are abrasives in a greasy/tallow-like base, requiring intensive scrubbing with ammonia and soap between each change of grit; how much preferable to simply use the bristle discs, and simply rinse off between each one.

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  1. ooh ooh ooh. Thanks for the detail on the prongs. That they go through holes like a rivet and are then soldered. I wondered how it would be more sturdy. Brilliant.

    and adorable.