Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday tidbits

Time to shift to a larger project... My new handwork for transit time is two symmetrical embellished and appliqued panels, inspired by the small wolf motif in the lower left corner of this Scythian repousse piece.

The applique is cut from ultrasuede, so as to allow tiny pierced holes that suggest the texture of the original work (meant to convey wolf fur) without fraying with wear or washing. Though tacked in place with heat-n-bond, it will need stitched all around the outside edge for permanence.

Hopefully there are some hand sewing glover's needles in my box of leatherworking tools. Glover's needles have a tip that is triangular in cross-section, so that it slices through material, rather than passing through like regular cylindrical needles do. Only suitable for sewing leather, they make the task so much easier to do. Still, a thimble will be my friend, as hand sewing leather always requires more effort than fabric alone.

The panels will be used for decoration on garments for the current An Tir royalty; though my SCA activity has waned recently, it is not through lack of interest, and this is a way for me to still participate, in the time and with the resources available.
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Another good animated feature comes to town, this one is by the same folks that did "The Triplets of Belleville" It opens tomorrow downtown, and though my weekend is pretty busy, I plan on going to see it in the next week or two...

"The Illusionist"


  1. Love the wolf. I'm sure the appliqued panels will be beautiful. =)

  2. Ok I feel so much better knowing you use Heat-n-Bond,now I don't feel so lame.