Friday, January 22, 2010

Dark Days Challenge + busy-ness as usual

week 9 of 20
It is really clear to me that I need to be growing more food here, and finding ways to preserve seasonally abundant food in ways that will actually get eaten. With that thought, garden planning is a good way to unwind before bedtime. Tonight's dinner featured the sweet small butternut squash that my friend Sif gave me. I love squash, this one was simply baked, and served mashed with some local butter and frontyard sage; italian sausage (from New Seasons) cooked up and crumbled over the top and it was a warming supper on a cold night. Perhaps I can find space in the tiny backyard to grow some winter squash this year. The delicatas (from the garden two years ago) lasted in the pantry for almost ten months, but growing squash takes a lot of space...
Honestly, really this bright
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Last weekend I went up to Olympia, and had a good chance not only to visit, but also to make some progress on my various projects. Much sitting and knitting and chatting. I also started on a small pair of brooches for the "unusual closure" requirement for the 2010 SWAP. So rarely anymore do I make something enameled just for fun and just for me. Jen's crow jewel was so pleasing that I decided to continue the corvid imagery, so these brooches will be ravens... spent a good chunk of that Sunday afternoon bending wires, so very different-feeling to do that just sitting at a table with other folks, even if they are doing computer work, 'tis less isolate. Since the glass squares for transport got left at Acorn Cottage, Bill offered a small smooth slab of agate, and once the bent wires were stuck in place, the whole bit was carefully wrapped in paper for transport back to the home studio
tiny raven-wires, each about 1" wide
those raven feet are really tiny

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The kit for the Felting Challenge (sponsored by Kenleigh's Fiber Studio) arrived this week. What a generous gift, it included all the necessary supplies and equipment, and well as a very clear illustrated instruction pamphlet for making a cute sheep. Well, not being one to follow the herd, soon my little sheep took on a different shape and character... Needlefelting is like that, it is really easy to "sculpt" the wool using jabs of the felting needle. The instructions had some new (to me) and clever ways of getting the initial shapes from the soft unspun wool. And what great wool it is, I found it worked up really easily, and was a pleasure to handle. I'm not yet finished with my sheep, and hopefully I am not disqualified for changing the look to more of a long legged lamb. I have a cunning plan, you see... that involves a nursery rhyme, and the other contest, the Felt Smackdown
proto-sheep, (still needs eyes)


  1. OMG ! He is sooo cute ! I haven't even started mine yet I have too much on my plate. I love his shape !

  2. P.S. I could make a meal out of just the squash and some butter or squash soup ...YUM !!!