Monday, November 16, 2009

S.O.L. E. food

sustainable, organic, local, ethical

Sounds good doesn't it. I do my best to eat that way, as much as time and pocketbook allow. So as a way to share that, and challenge myself to move beyond my ubiquitous stir-fry dinner, I'm going to participate in the Dark Days Challenge. Basically, between Nov 15, 2009 – Mar 31, 2010, the idea is to cook one meal a week focusing on this, and write about it.

Local is defined for this challenge as within a 150 mile radius. This is good, because I can include butter from either Tillamook or Rose Valley. As far as I know there are no local groves of olive trees. It means I can include the lamb,(sourced from Olympia last year?) which really needs eaten up this winter; I'm attempting to use up much of what is in the chest freezer, so I can defrost it next summer when the weather is warm. I know that my grocery of choice (the Arbor Lodge New Seasons) has local products tagged, but I'm not sure what their definition is, so that will be something to check when next I'm there. And there are the bits and bobs that are still in the yard, and food that I grew last summer. I know there are some potatoes, and apples, and some of the giant summer squash of doom still on the pantry shelves...

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and it just wouldn't be Monday without some goofy media; not sure how I found this one, but the associated comic Little Dee is just slightly surreal, and vaguely reminiscent of Odd Bodkins and Calvin and Hobbes...

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