Sunday, November 15, 2009

perhaps Acorn Cottage needs a quince tree?

Isn't this lovely, like bottled garnet...

Well, I found out that making jelly is a much more wasteful and time-consuming process than making jam, involving boiling and skimming and dripping of juices through cloth and then more boiling and skimming; I probably will return to my former habits of jam, chutney and marmalade... It was educational to try this out, since I'd never made jelly before, and the results are simply exquisite however, and wonderfully tasty. I'd never though of jelly as a form of conspicuous consumption before, but it certainly fits the description. If I am gifted with quinces again, I shall try another recipe, perhaps Danielle Barlow's Quince Marmalade
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Anyone out there in Portland interested in (taking a workshop on) making your own sewing mannequin? It looks like OCAC is offering a workshop in April. I've wanted one for years and years, and it would be really fun to take this class with a friend, actually they suggest that in the class description.
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I ran across this preview online, and while I am no fan of Roald Dahl, I just may have to make an exception in this case, since I am a great fan of stop motion animation...

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  1. Hmm, my bowl of bargain quinces is sitting scowling at me - perhaps I need to learn from your experience, but I do love the colour of your jelly!