Tuesday, November 17, 2009

wishful Wednesday - a sewing friend to play with

Body Double: Making Your Own Sewing Mannequin
FT705 • APR 3 (1 session); SAT 9:00AM-4:00PM

Fitting is the hardest thing about sewing, especially
when sewing for yourself. In this workshop,
we’ll make a custom-fitted body form out of
simple materials. Your new “body double” will be
invaluable for solving your fitting problems, shaping
pattern alterations, and draping new designs.
Sewing for yourself is so much easier when you
have an assistant that is your exact size and
shape! NOTE: Students will be working in pairs
to wrap each other’s bodies—this is a good workshop
for friends to take together! No prerequisite.

I decided to go for it, and signed up for this workshop at OCAC in April. I am confident hopeful that I will not be desperately doing arithmetic this coming April, and will instead, be cheerfully making art and sewing clothing. It would be really fun to take this class with another friend, surely I am not the only one who has dreamed of having a body-form to make sewing easier. Since the spring schedule just came out, there are still spaces available.
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These are the fabrics that I am thinking of using for my wardrobe sewing, scheduled for after the winter holidays, more information about this project here:
Left: grey corduroy, black cotton knit, grey-blue widewale corduroy, black and grey polkadot cotton. Center: grey linen, black floral knit, grey asian print textured cotton, light grey abstract acorn print cotton, grey flannel floral stripe. Right: grey and white texture-woven cotton, hand embroidered and beaded floral , grey batik rayon, grey and white textured rayon blend.
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