Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wishful Wednesday - Electra Townie Bike

I want a new bicycle.

Ever since my little car Nimblefoot stopped running, I have been all about the public transit, the walking, and the sometimes riding my bike. I have a bike that I bought about five years ago, that was sold as a "comfort bike". It is more comfortable than the old ten speed I had years ago. The seat and the front fork have some kind of shock absorbers in them, and the riding position is more upright than the bike of my youth. Better for my neck and the carpal tunnel in my wrists.

But there are some real difficulties with the bike as well, and I don't think it really fits me properly. I am pretty short, and my arms and legs are short in proportion to my size. So when I got this bike I have now, the store had to move the handlebars as far back as they could, and move the seat as far forward, so I could reach the handlebars. And somehow, since my legs are so short, when I stop the bike, (like at a traffic light, or to cross the street,) I have to jump off the seat to stand between the seat and the handlebars to put my feet on the ground . There is no way that I can just put my foot down, without laying the bike down at a lower than 45 degree angle. So my urban bikeriding is a constant dance of jumping on and off the bike.

Somehow, while wandering around out in blogland, I ran across this other bike company: Electra. They make an assortment of bicycles that have this kind of retro style, and have what seems to me a revolutionary premise that they call "Flat Foot Technology", where they have somewhat rotated the vertical arrangement of seat and pedal, so the seat is lower, the pedals are more forward, and your body is more upright. And when you stop, you can just put your foot down, right on the ground. No jumping off, then jumping back up. They make everything from a 1 speed to 21 speed, some with external shifting and some with an internal geared hub. I'm looking at the "Townie" bikes, 'cos realistically, what I do with a bike is to run errands around town.

I want one. Well realistically, I'd like to try one out, and then I'd know if I need to start saving my pennies...

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