Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday tidbits: ups and downs

The ups -
It is finally cooling off enough after the sun goes down that a fan can cool the inside of Acorn Cottage. This is a big plus! (It was cool enough that I could ride my bike to buy groceries.) This also means that I can get back to some of the enameling and metalwork projects that are impossible in 90 to 100+ heat.

I think I've figured out a way to Ikeahack the framework of a new chicken home, which will make getting the future new pullets settled in easier. By using some of the bits that are currently in the side yard, and possibly needing to purchase a modest amount of supplies, I should be able to make a hen house that is not quite so heavy, and one with the nestbox lower than the sleeping perch, so the nest is not a hen bedroom. More chickens means enough eggs for me + some to swap for chicken food

A different way of changing between colors while knitting makes the join less lumpy. This will make my socks a bit more comfortable. I'm thinking of the first pair as being kind of experimental anyhow...

The downs -
Apparently my overhead kitchen light has bit the dust. I just plumb hate it when things stop working, last week the CD/DVD drive, this week the kitchen light. Tomorrow, when there is daylight, I'll shut down the power to the house, and climb up the stepladder and see if there is anything obvious. It isn't like the overhead light is anything special, just a plain fixture that takes 4ft flourescent tubes. If it needs new tubes, that is easy. (If the ballast is gone, there are instructions for that...)
update now that it is daylight:
Yup, just burned out tubes. Fortunately there were a few good tubes tucked in the back of the furnace closet when I moved in, which saved me from having to make a hardware store run today.

My favorite jumper, the indigo plaid one, just wore out today as well. The fabric just wore through in two places, and I didn't notice till I was on the bus to work. I really didn't intend to travel around our fair city in tatters, and it can't be patched and not look truly odd, being right on my tummy, unless I want to go around looking like a star-bellied sneetch. Not the best look for anyone over five. Maybe I should start wearing aprons when I work. I guess this means I really do need to buckle down and make myself some new clothes....

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  1. Chance is a wiz with those lights if the ballasts need replacing let us know.