Friday, August 7, 2009

on purpose and accidentally

My XP1 pair of socks is finished, and I've been wearing them around town today while doing errands.

I tried out some different things on each one, and decided that I like the all knit foot part rather than the one with the ribbed top. The knitting is a bit "loose" and I can feel the texture when I walk, but it isn't completely awful, just on the borderline. While knitting the second sock I was able to do a better job with the changing colors, and so the sole is more smooth. Yay. I'm not sure how well the weaving yarn will hold up long term as far as not wearing out. So: definitely wearable, and on to the next pair...

I was on my way home from an entirely unsuccessful and unsatisfactory trip to Ikea, when I realised the next stop on the Max was Convention Center. I decided to look around and see if there was anything in the marketplace that needed to come home with me. On entering the building though, there were eddies and drifts of folks moving towards the big happened to be time for the attempt to break the worlds record for number of people knitting simultaneously. As I was unintentionally prepared (yarn and needles in my tote bag) I decided to participate. Signed my name on a numbered ticket, and went into the hall. Once the rules had been explained (two needle knitting only) and the observers and VIPs were all in place, not to mention the media crews and the Fire Marshall, the doors were shut and the knitting commenced. What is the sound of hundreds of people knitting? a not terribly loud murmur, as folks chatted quietly and knit steadily for the requisite 15 minutes straight. I'm pretty sure it will be a successful attempt, as there were far more people present than the previous record.
looking out across one side of the auditorium

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