Monday, August 10, 2009

Cogitations, a couple of questions, and Monday media

Sometimes life is just full of distractions, and at the end of the day, I feel like there has been nothing substantial accomplished. Of course, feeling looking at my life that way is not useful.
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Saturday I had a chance to spend time at the Sock Summit catching up with a friend from faraway, and actually that was priceless. The wealth in my life is the connections with my friends. Sunday I managed a morning grocery bikeride, then dithered about Acorn Cottage like a flea, hopping from project to project but not accomplishing as much as I'd hoped to. I did hang a curtain rod above the storage closet door in the corner of the living room, and the long shisha embroidered wool shawl that was hanging next to the computer is now a curtain. Moving that made the entire east wall look unbalanced, so I moved around some of the wall art, and repaired the mobile from last years swap (it had gotten all tangled from being in the pathway from the window fan), reattached all the decorative strings to a new support, and moved it from in front of the window to where the bluebird lantern had been. (the bluebird lantern will move to the bedroom, and I'd like to put the spider plant in the window, if I can find a hanging pot that doesn't look horrid.) Masses of laundry and washing up were done, and a bit of sewing...
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The Sock Summit Marketplace was sorely tempting, the colors and textures of fiber goodness were overwhelming. I felt drunk on "yarn fumes" Fortunately for my piggybank I was able to resist, but I did find a line of yarn that I fell in love with. Blue Moon Yarns, (local, based in Scappoose) has a color-group called Raven Clan. While I cannot justify spending over twenty dollars on yarn for one pair of socks (socks are utility knitting), I will be saving my pennies to get some of the Twisted in one or two of my favorite of the Raven Clan colors, to make either another shawl or a sweater. It is some of the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen, I kept coming back to that display all afternoon.
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Someone in my group of friends asked me about getting a start of worms, for setting up to do worm composting...I can't remember who it was (brain cell death from the heat wave), and I just recently re-did my worm habitat, so whoever you are, let me know please, I do have some "starter worms" that I can share.
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Does anyone out there have back issues of the magazine "Spin Off"? I found a shawl I really like on Ravelry, and the directions are in the Summer 2008 issue... inquiring knitter seeks instructions...
update: I love my library. They carry this magazine, in the closed stacks, and I was able to xerox the pattern...

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a quiet bit of hand drawn stop motion animation,
drawn and animated by Rima, music by her man Tui

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  1. I wouldn't have missed it for the world, I'm *so* glad I got in touch before we came up!