Thursday, January 1, 2009

fifty-four things

Last year I posted my aspirations for 2008...
aspirations for the year to come...
I'd like to teach workshops here in Portland
I'd like to get my workroom functional (repaired and put together )
I'd like to take some time each month for fun
I'd like to take better care of the body I live in
I'd like to continue being bravely social
I'd say that I was, overall, moderately successful. The workshops are happening, and I really enjoy teaching. The workroom is more functional, and I've been more social than in many years past. I did many fun things, and have been more physically active due to Nimblefoot (my dear little station wagon) sitting in the driveway for almost all the year.
Accomplishments did happen in the last year, mostly improving Acorn Cottage: a sturdy temporary bathroom sink plumbed in, storage shelves in the small bedroom, a storage wall of shelving in the workroom, rearranged the living room for much improved functionality, a new in-kitchen worm habitat, and my much desired chalkboard wall. Some artsy projects: I made my second coronet, sewed and stenciled a lovely set of Arts and Crafts inspired window treatments, did a six hour demo at Art In The Pearl, became a bit more proficient with Photoshop and created a whole new set of illustrations for the Alphasketch calendar. I opened an Etsy store, got to know my neighbors a bit better, and had a lot of practice for the post-petroleum lifestyle, walking, bussing, and riding my bike for local errands.
So in no particular order at all, here are fifty-four aspirations for 2009. Last year I had five very large concepts that I wanted to move forward. This year I'm thinking about teensy little progresses, just a lot more of them...
  1. sew the living room curtains
  2. replace the carpet in the bedrooms with the Tundra flooring
  3. put together a "book of 2008", with text and pictures (if this goes well I'd like to do this every year)
  4. paint the living room walls grey-blue
  5. sort out the SCA closet
  6. hook up the printer
  7. get the bathroom fan electric sorted out
  8. fix the screwy hinges on the linen cupboard
  9. go to the beach
  10. paint the kitchen walls stone color
  11. add front and back wood to the pantry shelves
  12. repair missing sheetrock in the laundry area
  13. insulate and cover holes in ceiling
  14. small wall shelf below spices for kitchen constant staples
  15. learn to use tripod for photos
  16. set up a small dedicated photo space
  17. build a light box
  18. shoplight for the workroom
  19. stump/stakehorse for workroom
  20. sewing table setup in small bedroom
  21. paint my bedroom grey
  22. finish blue quilt top
  23. knit the mini poncho
  24. drink more water
  25. paint shower-edge trim and install
  26. do my taxes before April, (like in February)
  27. set up better/easier tracking system for commissions
  28. move chooks to south side of backyard
  29. plant asparagus
  30. re-do raised beds
  31. get wood chips for pathways
  32. make myself some new clothes
  33. keep a food diary
  34. paint bathroom walls lavender
  35. go dancing
  36. have a tea party every month
  37. build an outdoor cooking spot
  38. visit the Art Museum
  39. see about teaching a community education class
  40. sew a new worm bag
  41. buy and plant another fruit tree
  42. develop an edible landscape design plan
  43. make progress on the water storage system
  44. paint doorknocker antique black
  45. build a salad table
  46. grow a winter greens garden
  47. porch roof for shade and enclosure
  48. sew a raincoat
  49. spend a day poking around in the antique stores in Sellwood
  50. frame the Fillmore West poster
  51. set up a vent fan for soldering
  52. start a garden record book
  53. look into building a modern "hay box"
  54. experiment with printmaking

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