Monday, December 29, 2008

local commentary

The snow is gone, and my alliums are flat. It is kind of amazing to me that the one bunch of greeen onion ends that I planted last winter kept growing for a year, and would be still going strong if the snow and ice hadn't crushed them. I was cutting on that bunch all year; it is a really easy way to have partial allium self-sufficency... buy a bunch of green onions, cut at about 2" off the bottom, eat the tops and plant the green and white rooty ends in a big planter box. They will start to grow and before too long you can start cutting bits off, just like big chives.

There was a point where the patches of snow in the backyard looked like the hide of a pinto pony, all grey-white and crushed greenness, oddly appealing. We've a bit of a reprieve, and if the weather holds above freezing after 12th Night, I intend to get out there and do some of the garden tidying that I neglected earlier in the year. Here's hoping. Maybe I can actually get one of the beds dealt with and plant my garlic. I know it is rather too late for fall planting, but if the ground isn't frozen it should work. We shall see...

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