Friday, January 2, 2009

random snippets

Way back in early November, I was wondering if there was any (better) way to store my hats. While wandering through Fred Meyers I saw that the Christmas items were 75% off; amongst the plasticrap there were a pile of black steel door wreath hangers. Bingo! Two of those, on the front door, in reverse orientation (ie facing the interior), and I've got a home for my hats, and a place to hang my winter scarves. Looks a bit odd, but why should the door be treated like a precious object and not do its fair share for storage?
There was just enough snow last night to make getting around today a slushy slippy mess. After three days, my guests are on their way home; it was great to have the company, but I'm always more inclined to visit and less inclined to work, 'specially when the agenda is "lets make sushi rolls at home" which turns my kitchen into a bit of a madhouse. It was mindbending to see young Ceilidh. It seems like just yesterday I was one of the group of women walking round and round the block with her mum, in an attempt to get labor moving, and now there is a lovely young woman, taller than I, where just not quite yesterday was the cry of a newborn. The wheel turns faster and faster...

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