Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday musings

It was the best of weekends - it was the worst of weekends...

The best was having Jen come down here for the weekend. Although the weather didn't cooperate with her bike-riding plans, we had the Powells excursion, the oh-so-tasty Sushi Takahashi trip, and the luscious, lemony, eat-dessert-first evening visit to Rimskys. (lemon panna cotta, or frozen lemon mousse pie with raspberries... Hmmm...) I just don't get as much "hanging out and chatting" time with my friends as I'd like, so it was great to have a friend visit for several days, and Smokey was sooo happy to have a beloved pack member here.
The worst was the project that I have been working on was being beyond uncooperative.
The enameling was, well, challenging, for no clear reason that I could figure out. This is after, as you will recall, I screwed up the first attempt by dropping it and cracking it badly, so as to require a second enamel. Then the setting was not soldering easily. Sincerely, I wonder which divinity(s) I ought make offerings to... Then, on Sunday, when all that remained was the final step of carefully stringing the pearl border, while in the middle of that process I looked at the enamel and realised that it had just cracked in two places. I carefully set the pendant down. I wanted to scream, or cry, or throw the dang thing across the room. Mind you, Jen was going to leave in less than an hour to catch her train home. Supposedly taking the completed piece with her. I am blessed with a friend both generous and brilliant. Not only did she end up staying over an entire extra day, and missing Monday work, so that I'd have the time to repair the cracked enamel, but she suggested that the errant (though repaired, re-fired and strengthened) enamel be sent to Bill for a new setting, thereby coming up with a clever solution that I'd never thought of.
Here's hoping that the final phases of the coronet project, scheduled for this week, go more smoothly... (I'll keep you posted)
For the last week or two I have been longing to visit the ocean, not just 'cos of the heat, but in all the decades I've lived here I've been to the coast only three or four times, (and a trip to Cape Cod which also involved, well, the other coast). I think this was set off by a photo posted by Flieg that so vividly resonated for me that I could almost taste that sandy salty breeze... I just want to stick my feet in the ocean water, and walk along the beach, and breathe the ocean air....

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