Sunday, August 24, 2008

workie workie weekend

Been working along on the dragonclaw project.

Yesterday I decided to get some extra size 56 drillbits, as the whole coronet is/will be riveted together. My usual favorite hardware store sadly disappointed me, when I called them. The person who answered had no idea what I was asking no trip to the store with the cute clerk, sigh (he wasn't the person answering the phone), but instead a trip to Parkrose Hardware on the other side of 205. The best one I've found other than Wink's, but much further away (70 minute, three bus ride), there aren't any hardware stores close to Acorn Cottage.

So far the parts look like my drawing, which is good. I'm still feeling a bit dicey about the whole project, there are at least two "difficult" technical bits still to come. I really miss having access to Bill's studio, he is years ahead of me in tool and equipment acquisition; and sometimes I feel like he's forgotten more than I'll ever learn about metalworking. I'll be glad when this project is done and shipped, I think I'll go soak in the pool at the Kennedy School, then throw a party or something to celebrate. Every time I've taken on a big metalworking project like this I get very stressed. (Not so much with the enameling, and sewing is just time-consuming but easy... probably after years of metalworking I'll have more confidence.)

The only unexpected thing so far...the brass was coated with a clear lacquer, which became apparent when I used denatured alcohol to remove the markings for the wiggle-cut . Took about two hours to deal with that, and a half a bottle of acetone. My elbows and arms may not be the same for a while. Well, back to the artisanry... wish me luck with the delicate grinding of the dragonclaws. Think I'll put up a bracket for the flexshaft (finally), and clear off the worktables, and maybe the few additional steps that aren't so critical; I'm thinking to leave the actual grinding for tomorrow AM when I'm hopefully well-rested. (reminder to self: go to bed in a timely fashion) then see if I can get some more 3M bristle wheels for the flexshaft somewhere...

I had the chance to talk with Wanda about the caps-of -maintenance, and she has actually seen historical regalia with ermine. Happily, my idea of basically doing cut and paste (well, stitch) with the ermine tails is actually one correct method of sewing. That is one of two next-in-line projects for this coming week. (the other being prep for Art In The Pearl, including a flyer for my autumn and early winter classes)

I've been feeling really woeful about the state of the garden/backyard, but decided that is useless emoting, and instead will imagine that I've just moved in, and think about how best to restructure the garden beds for what I want to do in the yard. That will certainly involve better and easier to move fencing, and/or building an actual chicken run along the south edge of the yard, (which is the shadiest, hence not useful for gardening) Of course that would mean moving the clothesline, and figuring out some other structures to attach it to, and... and...

Found my rain hat, which had been missing for several months. It was hiding behind the bedroom door, under the winter scarves. This is a good thing, since we are due for more rain for the next day or two.

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