Saturday, August 16, 2008

merry meet

I was up till three working on the pelican enamel. I'm still tired, but it came out acceptably this time, which is good, since I need to send the completed medallion home with Jen on Sunday. She came down here to PDX for her birthday, and to do the Tour de Fat . She took the train from Olympia, with her bike, and rode here from the train station yesterday afternoon. It was 101 yesterday afternoon. When she arrived I immediately handed her some iced water with Emergen-c, and pointed her towards the shower...

She's re-considering the bike riding today, as the weather is forecast to reach well over 100, may go out and do some less sun-intensive things instead. I'd love to just hang around with her all day, but I've got building the setting for the pelican on instead. Fortunately that doesn't involve running the kiln all day at 1500 F, which made the artisanry rather warm! yesterday, and hopefully it won't take the entire day.

More later....

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