Monday, June 23, 2008

Welcome to the all cloisonne channel...

I'm still putting all the bags and boxes and bits away from my road trip up to Seattle. Teaching up at Danaca this weekend went well, I had four new students, and one from a previous class. Two people did more experimental pieces, and we learned that larger rectangular enamels need a different sort of support trivet for firing, and that sterling melts at a lower temperature than fine silver. Some lovely pieces were made, though I wasn't able to photograph all of them. I really find that for beginning enamel students, starting with a small circular piece allows a piece to be successfully completed, as the technical challenges of learning to bend wires and apply enamel are quite enough. These three pieces, made by Anne, and Autumn, and Krista are approximately penny sized

This coming weekend, June 27th to 29th will be the first cloisonne workshop here at Acorn Cottage. I will have two students here, in the newly refurbished workroom. My plan is that Friday evening 7:30-9:30 will be a social gathering and design parameter discussion, with actual studio work all day Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-5. (Cost $175, all supplies included to complete one quarter size circular pendant.) I am hoping to hold these workshops on a regular basis, perhaps once a month or so.

I'm also thinking to have an open studio night once a week, where folks, once they've taken a workshop could arrange to come and use the kiln and workspace. The idea being less costly than direct instruction, once you have the basics; I'd be also working on my own projects, but be available to answer questions...
I have mostly a voice again, though it seems to not quite be the voice I had before, it is perfectly adequate for teaching. I am quite ready to be done with the parade of respiratory viral invaders.

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