Monday, June 16, 2008

Ooo looky, an artist lives here...

This afternoon my friend Mila came over to help with, and provide moral support, whilst major movement of stuff happened here at Acorn Cottage. The goal was to tackle the gobs of clutter that had geologically formed in the workroom, move them to more appropriate homes, move the worktable into the workroom, and thereby make possible a productive work/teaching studio. About five hours later, this is the result...! (needless to say, I am overjoyed, I have been sloowly nibbling away at this project for months. Having company to help keep me focused, and help move things around makes an enormous difference)

Of course, there is still a massive amount of primate sorting behavior still needed to actually organise the art and craft supplies, but the space is now useable, and there is room to do the organising/decluttering. (note the large flat empty worktable, which I vow will remain that way, when not in active use) There is also the taller "standing" workbench, which is barely visible as a corner on the righthand side of the image. Eventually I'd like to get a few more comfy adjustable chairs on wheels; I wish that Boeing Surplus was still an option. A year ago this room was a soggy disaster...
Whoo hoo, me brave... I just actually changed the HTML to make the page from last years demolition open up as a new window, and it worked! (tiny geeky babystep here)
Yesterday ended up having an unexpected work in the garden aspect. Went out to spend 15 minutes pulling weeds from one of the two badly overgrown beds, and just went bonkers. Ripping the huge weeds out, shaking the dirt from the roots, and flinging the weeds over my shoulders onto the lawn. Let me tell you, the hens were mighty interested. I can just see their tiny brains whirring...well finally she is acting like a proper chicken and scrabbling in the dirt. In my frenzy, I didn't think much about where the weeds were going, other than out of the garden. When I stood up and turned around, my not-yet-dry waffleweave bath sheet was absolutely decorated with large dirt patches. (note to self: next time weeding, keep TubTrug handy and gently deposit weeds therein).

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