Saturday, June 2, 2018

early harvest

in which our plucky heroine reaps what she sowed...

Last Autumn hardneck garlic (variety "Music" from the farmers market) was planted in the new raised bed next to Feral Grapevine. As they do, the garlic sprouted and grew, and once protected from the Gorram Squirrels of Doom, they grow well with minimal input and no additional water. Eventually, they send up scapes aka blossom shoots, which get removed as that allows all the efforts of the plant to create larger bulbs.
There are just about 3/4 pounds of garlic scapes from my 22 plants, and they will be pickled, for shelf-stable tangy garlicky goodness later on this year. The recipe from Food In Jars seems like a good small batch start on the process, and I hope for at least three 8oz jars to put in the pantry.


  1. Yum! I just keep my scapes in the fridge and chop them up to add to scrambled eggs or stir fry. They keep pretty well for weeks in the vegetable crisper. Pickles sound good though! Mine aren’t quite ready to pick yet however. Soon!

    1. If I had a large fridge, instead of the wee little European size one that fits in my wee little kitchen, I'd consider 5hat as an option. As it is, they would fill my veggie drawer, and the fridge would all be garlic scented! There are only a few condiments I try and keep on hand, but this strikes me as a lovely thing for putting out, along with cheese, when I have guests