Monday, May 28, 2018

Egils 44

in which our plucky heroine channels her inner cucumber*...

The Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament happens every year in Adiantum, and is one of my favorite SCA events. This year my dear friend Tullia married her sweetheart Caius in a Roman-style wedding ceremony.

This year was also the first Egils for my Mud Bay pals baby girl Kestrel, who is a much beloved child. I just had to take some small bits of linen and ribbon and make her a new gown... which will, of course, be outgrown in a few weeks at the rate she is growing

There were all sorts of old friends that turned up who I rarely see and who mostly don't attend camping events, so it was an extra special chance to collect hugs and hellos. There were, as well, the usual shenanigans that happen when the folks of Caer Lutris get together, with stories round the central fire at night, and people scattering during the day to various activities and event tasks. William Bjornson took Farbjorn as a metalsmithing apprentice, and Julia Sempronia took Vestia as an apprentice as well, and it was great to be able to witness their oaths of connection.

Although my cranky leg was indeed quite grumpy, it was no worse than it would have been had I stayed home. There was resting in the afternoon, and even some napping inside my tiny Viking tent home away from home. Buying a camp bed (sturdy on taller legs) and better camping bedding (3 1/2" thermarest + memory foam topper) has really made a big difference in comfortable sleep in the outdoors. My days of sleeping on the ground may be done, but I can still enjoy camping with friends. Every year I try and make some simple upgrade(s) to my camping life; this year I acquired inflatable solar camping lanterns. While not in the least historical, they work a treat! Give out lots of soft light, and have a handle so that they can either be hung up from a tent frame, or carried in hand to give a good light for those middle of the night runs to the necessary. What I particularly like is that the light is directed downwards, which means you don't blind any other nightwalkers, but can clearly see any ups/downs/diversions in the path...

* as much as I love eventing, it is inherently a highly stressful activity, as we basically set up the equivalent of a small medieval village and then take it all back down again a few days later. This year Thora and Isabel both commented that I seemed to be as cool as a cucumber, and not being off balanced by things that in the past would have involved fuss and bother. Therefor the motto for the weekend was "I am a cucumber on the wind.... watch me roll..."

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  1. It sounds like a lovely time with friends! I loved your comment about your cranky leg being no worse off than if it were at home; we often forget those 'simple truths'. And the rest of your body had a marvelous time ;-)