Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday musings and media

in which our plucky heroine maintains forward momentum...

because science comes in more than one flavor


My pal Ariadne is going to have a baby due this October, and so I figured it was time to get started making things for a gift basket... This is going to be a handknit wooly rainbow octopus rattle, and I am quite amused by the eight multicolored tentacles.


This is my first actual ever "harvest" of homegrown rhubarb... every prior year it was no bigger than a pipe cleaner, this one is about as big as a pencil. The strawberries are from the backyard. Not enough for a wee jar of jam, but I am thinking about stewing them into a spoonful of topping for some yoghurt...

It was a challenge to cook such a small amount, but this tiny bowl of rhubarb/strawberry sauce travelled zero food-miles in relation to Acorn Cottage. I intend to enjoy every teaspoonfull...


June SMART goals (x=extra)
1 Farbjorn undertunic wall anchor shelvingbag to Goodwill
2 Farbjorn undertunic wall anchor shelvingbag of corks
3 Farbjorn undertunic wall anchor shelving bag of corks
4 Thora undergown back for kiln table bag of wood
5 Asa undergownx floor lamp
6 Asa undergown x workshop lamp
7 Thora blue undergown x bag to Goodwill
8 Genivive undergown x bag to Goodwill
9 Vanya tunic x paper recycling
10 homemade homegrown
strawberry rhubarb sauce
x paper recycling
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x

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  1. Great video! and how fun the octopus rattle will be, all those tentacles for tiny hands to grasp. If you use wool yarn, baby slobbers will felt the tentacles. I can see this rattle being treasured for years and perhaps for another generation or two.