Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday fragments and Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine attempts not to imitate the wicked witch of the west...

Current temperature on the front porch in the shade is 95+. I have been hiding indoors since about 9:30 this morning. After an unsuccessful ride to New Seasons first thing in the AM (their power was out, so store shut down), I went to Green Zebra instead and then went back to bed! Now I am really rested, and it is about twenty degrees cooler in the house than outdoors, maybe more! I am NOT going to enamel today,. but instead get further along on the commission sewing projects, as running the iron occasionally is less heat trauma than the kiln!

Yesterday, Tullia came over for a workshop day, and made superb progress in her metalwork efforts. Her current project is to create "hercules knot" components to re-create a Roman necklace. This was her second attempt, and while her first efforts were amazing for a true beginner, she really improved both her soldering and her wire forming. Torch soldering is not an intuitive process, as I well know; the more time spent actually doing it the easier it gets, but studying up on how it is supposed to work is also helpful. T is nothing if not eager to learn, and has acquired several well regarded technical books on metalwork skills for home perusal. I fear that I am being spoiled and that future students may not be as adroit.

She had also decided, since the previous that the kitchen here at Acorn Cottage would benefit from some non-stick ceramic frying pans, so arrived with a boxed set of two. While I am entirely unwilling to use teflon, was willing to try these out, and was astonished at how the scrambled eggs literally slid out of the pan! The light weight of the pan seems also a plus; I may recommend these to my venerable parents as Useful Kitchen Tools.

I continue to make gradual knitting progress on the knitted octopus baby toy... I found the chime ball that I have had since back in the late 80's, when they were first a "thing"... It occurred to me that a pleasant sounding baby rattle would be a nicer gift for my beloved friends than one that rattled like a spray can, (which is how the jingle bells sound inside the octopus head)so have set the chime ball aside to embed inside the octopus mantle when I am at the stuffing and sewing stage.

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