Tuesday, February 28, 2017

revising the SWAP

In which our plucky heroine finally has a tiny bit of spare energy...

I have been sick since January, and most all of my vocation and avocation has fallen to the wayside. Currently working on the grey corduroy pinafore a few minutes at a time, since it was already cut out. Sewing already cut out "sewing kits" takes less brain power than cutting out new ones. Cutting fabric, like running the torch, or the kiln, or cutting metal, needs full brain/body function. Sewing a TNT pattern that has no surprise technical challenge, not quite as high on the food chain. The grey pinafore will be done in another day or two still needs the bodice and skirt attached together, and all the raw edges bound, as well as an additional layer of trim binding to help stabilise and decorate the hemline. That technique worked really well on the brown twill pinafore, and I may just start adding it into most of my sewing in one way or another.

Have been doing some more thinking about my 2017 SWAP components, and playing mix-n-match using post-it notes. The necessary bottom garments, which I have christened "petticoat pants" have been recalcitrant to be integrated (technically they do coordinate, but when I try and visualise the "outfit" they just seem irreleveant) I suspect that once I actually sew them, that they will prove every useful in the still cold weather we have currently...

I decided that a narrow band of stenciling along their hemline edges will help them coordinate better with the rest of my clothing. The blue one will get a brown stenciled border, and the brown one will get a black stenciled border; nothing fancy, but will likely help them coordinate with the tops and pinafores, and will also help me feel a little more enthused about working on them.

Have also an fun idea for an Alabama Chanin style cardigan jacket that I want to start working on. More cardigans and light jackets will be a great addition to my wardrobe. Blue top layer, brown under layer, black stenciling, grey stitching. Floral motifs on the body, and striped sleeves... vaguely inspired by this Gudrun Sjoden sweater, but in my low contrast dark value colors instead. If I can manage to finish this by end of SWAP, I will use it in place of my cave horse shirt jacket, thereby freeing up the "previously sewn" category to be used in either the tops or the pinafores probably for the black/cream floral woven top I made back in 2013, which will coordinate beautifully with the grey, the brown, or the black/cream pinafores


  1. Glad you are feeling a little better. The pinafore sounds to be progressing. Good luck with the stencilled item.

  2. Your color idea for an Alabama Chanin jacket sounds fabulous. To my eye, the most attractive AC works are those with low-contrast color schemes.

    1. I am hopeful that it will prove to be a Useful addition to my wardrobe, as well as being fun and relaxing to make up... I love hand stitching.

  3. Cant wait to see the new pinafore, hope you start feeling better soon x