Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine makes ragged progress...

springtime is on the way - the hellebore flowers are such a pretty sign of the changing seasons... I really would love it if my front garden could have some of the speckled ones, and the greenish white ones, as well as these pink flowers on the single hellebore in my garden..


Cutting the new stencil - I decided that a new Alabama Chanin style cardigan would be a good wardrobe addition. That means some new stencils, since I get bored with using the same designs, and I like creating or choosing motifs just a little different than what is commonly seen. I am trying out this new mylar from the art store that opened up a few blocks from here, and hoping it is not too thin to work well, since it is thin enough that it is really easy to cut!... I'll be doing some trial stenciling first, before starting in on my actual garment fabric. For the striped sleeves, I can just lay out strips of masking tape, which is even easier than using a cut stencil.


My new pinafore - grey corduroy, worn here with a teal batik stripe everyday dress (also new this year, but not for SWAP). This pinafore will be a good transition piece into spring; the darker colors seem more wintery to me, but this one will coordinate with future blouses and everyday dresses in paler colors. I have some striped grey and white set aside for a springtime dress, and some fun conversational prints for once I get a TNT blouse pattern.

Really, the hemline is level, but the camera lens makes it look very lopsided. I am enjoying stitching up my "sewing kits", and dividing up the cutting out from the sewing up seems to work well. I enjoy sewing, but really dislike cutting out for some reason...

Now I need to focus on getting the knitwear components cut out, two new tops, two pairs of petticoat pants, and then the pieces for the reverse applique shirt jacket. Once all of those "kits" are prepared, I can return to the fun of adding new garments to the wardrobe.

Something to listen to - pick up a teacup and take a moment...


March SMART goals (x=extra)
1 grey pinafore x-
2 2 stencils x-
3 - x x
4 - x x
5 -x x
6 - x x
7 - x x
8 - x x
9 - x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x


  1. Oh, what a lovely poem/story you shared. Thank you for that. It reminded me of when I first moved into my home 35 years ago. I pressed chokecherries into the soil all around my yard and now, how they bear fruit! Birds, squirrels and I all enjoy the bounty. The bounty, however, is sometimes a burden, as the beautiful bushes/trees are galloping aggressively everywhere.

  2. The grey is a terrific neutral for a transition colour. I like your new stencil.

  3. love the grey corduroy dress, clever you x