Sunday, April 10, 2016

a cunning plan

in which our plucky heroine does her best to make her friends look splendid...

There is a plan for the wool tunic I am making for Farbjorn (Mr Blue Cedar House), that combines sewing, embroidery, and block printing. The tunic itself is of brown wool twill, edgebound in madder red wool flannel. The Blue Cedar tree is embroidered on madder red linen, and the trim strips for cuffs and shoulders will be block printed on the same red linen, and possibly outlined in embroidery...

Small embroidered panel which will be used to decorate his woolen tunic; it took about three hours of stitching to complete the outline stitch embroidery, which is about the size of my hand:
Decided on filling the motif with Bayeaux Tapestry stitch in pale indigo. This takes a bit longer than simply outlining, but the solid color filling really stands out, and this type of stitchery is very durable.


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    1. This is what I do for fun... (probably also why I have no new clothes for me!) On the other hand, Blue Cedar House comes here to Acorn Cottage usually once a month and spends the weekend doing yardwork and housey projects like building things, so we all "win"