Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday fragments which our plucky heroine continues to make incremental progress in various directions, while still being subject to sudden afternoon napping...

The postman delivered my bronze castings today... these will become a pair of brooches for Músa-Þóra. This design is based on some Viking Age brooches from Finland. Once the castings are cleaned up, polished, and a sturdy pinstem and spring added to the back they will be ready for her to wear.

The persistence of dandelions is ongoing, though Blue Cedar House does valiant battle. I often will take my trusty Grampa's Weeder out with me in the morning when I feed and water the hens, and pull some more from the backyard. Today the conditions were just right, and the tool not only dragged the upper portions of this plant from the ground, but the entire taproot! About two feet long. (see my clog toe in the righthand corner for scale. Grampa's Weeder is one of my favorite yard tools, it is a clever use of leverage and tooling that helps keep my back and knees happy: pull weeds while standing up!

Ever since I moved here to Acorn Cottage, I have appreciated how great the neighborhood is, and how the only thing that would make it even better would be a fabric store, OR AN ART STORE... This store is opening a branch that will be within walking distance from my house. Urban village for the win!

Today I finished up the three Anglo-Saxon linen gowns for Maeva; she will be picking them up on her way to West Coast Culinary Symposium later this month. The fabrics she chose were not only very appropriate, but the linen, from, was delightful to work with. I really enjoyed the chance to try out sewing with some of their striped, plaid, and gingham linens, and definitely put the indigo plaid on my own wishlist...

I realise this is a commercial, but the animation is sweetly done, and the message is great. I wish I had had friends like "paper, scissors, and rock" back in my schooldays...


April SMART goals
1 charter painting sink repair yard waste bin
2 window panel rack re-hem Maeva gowns yard waste bin
3 Æsa gown - -
4 Maeva gown - -
5 Maeva gown - -
6 Maeva gown - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -


  1. whooppee!!! artist & craftsman supply! It's a lot of fun to browse in there! And the linens from Fabric Store. . . sigh. They are dreamy. And something is marked down every single day. . . of course it means you get an email from them every single day. but sometimes the sale items are exactly what I've been waiting for!
    The afternoon nap is a fine ritual. If it's good enough for toddlers it's good enough for me and you! And you do sound a bit more perky than last week!

  2. I get those emails from Fabrics-Store every day too... I am waiting for the plaid linen I fell in love with to turn up on their sale list. Yes, I am a bit more perky this week than last, hoping to get through convalescence without running into any snags. By the time I have caught up on my tasks and chores all undone in March, the new art store should be open, just in time for FUN!

  3. Plucky -lucky- heroine gets an art store! Great fun and great news!