Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 SMART goals

in which our plucky heroine improves on her progress of the previous year:

  SMART goals challenge 2015
1Fox Paws wrapfurnace fan re-boltedbag of fabric cabbage
210 jars quincemeatproto-plinth builtbag to Goodwill
3marzipan bees   planner gutsbag to Goodwill
4bee skep cakeKon-Mari 3 drawersbag to Goodwill
5pattern for twa corbiesnightstands clearedbag to Goodwill
6blue tunicbed lamps transformedpaper recycling
7blue tunic embroiderylamp brackets installedpaper recycling
87 jars Seville marmaladecloset clearedcardboard recycle
9corbie cowldressers movedmonitor to Goodwill
10gastropod needlebookkitchen art rearrangedpaper recycling
11blue kitty needlebooksill boards sandedbox to Goodwill
12rosewater candied peelfront yard weededbag to Goodwill
13ginger candied peelclose plum prunedyard waste bin
149 tiny enamelsmore mulch spread yard waste bin
159 brooch settingsapple tree prunedcompost bin full
16Bill SCA pantsarborvitae prunedbin of twigs
17Mindy undergownsalad table traysbin of twigs
18Mindy embroideryworm bin renovated bin of twigs
19Mindy aprondresssalad table plantedweedblock fabric
20Laurel underdressstrawberries plantedbin of twigs
21Laurel aprondresstaxes donebin of brush
22kawaii coastersfront yard mowedrandom plastic
23blood orange marmaladebackyard mowedbin of twigs
24Seville orange juiceside yard mowedbag to Goodwill
25mouse tape measurenew garden bed bin of twigs
26mobieus apronferal roses tied upbag to Goodwill
27sewing tools necklacesalad table thinnedbag of books
28sewing tools shadowboxfront yard mowedbag of books
29heart in hand necklacestrawberries plantedbag of books
30manyhands shadowboxblackcurrant plantedbag of books
31mouse family yokefridge plinth drawerbag of books
32medieval paintchook house movedyard waste bin
33three tops for Joanchook run fencingdriveway brushpile
34big garden bedchook shade runrecycle bin full
35Mindy underdressapples thinnedyardwaste bin
36Laurel underdressthinned applescodling apples
37Norseguy embroidery designpruned pear cankersyard waste bin
38chook roostaccess to windowbroken lawn mower
39nest box doorhallway shelfrotary edger
40Jen jumperyard mowedgrill lid
41grey popoverbigger chook yardbag to Goodwill
42blue Norse tunicpear tree gone500lbs debris
43Jen jumperfence gaps filledbag to Goodwill
44peach gown for Larborvitae prunedbag to Goodwill
45blue tunic for Bchook shade tarpbag to Goodwill
46grey gown for Mtoilet seat replacedbag to Goodwill
47linen gown for Sre-plant lettucesbag to Goodwill
48black batik popoverrattan chair seatbag to Goodwill
49Laurel brooch settingbrown chair seatsbag to Goodwill
50buckwheat hull pillowreattach computer desk bag to Goodwill
51one wire Laurelscrub chook houseelectronica x 2
52Bill SCA pantslinen closet doorsyard waste bin
53apron dress for Lshed roof patchedyard waste bin
54DM coronetfront door latchcarpet
55DM coronetbike brake cablecarpet padding
56red top for Joanbike kickstandmustard nightstand
57Coptic stitch bookside yard work Goodwill bag
58duct tape cloneback yard workshelf unit
59whitewashwhitewash henhouseanother Goodwill bag
604 heraldic enamelschook roostpaper recycle bag
overflow SMART goals!!!
61 10 shibori panels kosode for R folding shelves
62 8 stenciled panels new flooring down 2 Goodwill bags
63 carved yukiwa stamp four new shelves Coleman stove
64 3 stamped panels another shelf 2 Goodwill bags
65 Japanese kosode external closet rod big CPU
66  a silk obi belt doorway threshold small CPU
67 15 kai awashe shells Mom slippers 2 random hard drives
68 two cotton obi belts Barb necklaces 4 more Goodwill bags
69 new swimdress bedroom flooring old foam pad
70 18 jars salsa verde painted doorpegs carpet
71 8 jars pear/apple sauce chicken waterer carpet padding
72 11 jars salsa verde plinth casters refrigerator
73 10 jars grapefruit marmalade shed door rings bag to Goodwill
74 red hat for Mom garlic planted bag to Goodwill
75 charter painted flowerbulbs planted -
76 fabrics keyring salad table planted -
77 Elizabethan shirt
squirrelproofing -
78 party cookery - -
79 reverse applique RTW dress - -
80 Elizabethan shift - -


  1. Goodness, when do you sleep? Quite an impressive list! jenmiller

  2. Color me impressed! I may have to adopt a system like this, as time can get frittered away so easily and there's so much I want to accomplish on the sewing/knitting/weaving front! Not to mention the unpacking that still needs done. Sigh.

    1. Joyce, this system is how I track completed activites, I have a separate list for things yet to be done. And lest you think I am some sort of paragon, I still have boxes not unpacked from when I moved here ten years ago (but I am working on that, two years into my decluttering project and counting...)

  3. Happy New Year! All best wishes for health and happiness in 2016. That looks like a satisfying, as well as impressive, journal of achievements. Off to do some planning for my year, inspired by your example.

    1. Wishing you a Happy and Creative New Year as well. Making a chart of what I actually get done has been really helpful for me, in a different way than listing what I intend to get done. (I do that too, but until I started tracking completed accomplishments, I would feel like I never got anything done, because some tasks stayed on my "to do" list for years! It took me almost ten years to get the flooring down in the two bedrooms for example.

  4. I'm tired just from reading this. May your New Year be more of continued joys and discoveries.

    1. Oh Brigid, I had help with some of these tasks! But mostly I started keeping track of these sorts of things as a personal challenge last year when I was in the run up to turning 60... Thank you for your kindly wishes!

  5. Very uplifting and inspiring!! Happy 2016!!!

    1. Thank you so much... a Happy New Year to you too Claire!