Saturday, June 20, 2015

maybe if I give up eating and sleeping?

Just made a list of the projects that I have committed to complete in the next 12 days... that doesn't include things like my actual outside-the-home work, or other personal commitments:
  • Fingall enamel Pelican re-do
  • DM coronets completed
  • tunic for Mr Robertson
  • underdress for Mindy
  • underdress for Laurel
  • assemble teaching materials
  • new business cards!!
  • guy rope flags
  • plant tomatoes
  • 3rd Jen pinafore
  • Stacy linen gown
  • shibori prep
Hang on to your hats boys and girls... I will see how much of this I can actually do, and how much will have to be put on hold 'til July, but it all needs done. And to top it all off, we have a triple digit temperature forecast on the horizon, and my Stupid Knee™ has been extra stupid for no apparent reason, being too painful to allow sleeping once again. Writhing in pain is not restful. My primary care doc has no ideas. Unfortunately my ear seeds* all fell off in the shower yesterday, which didn't help either. So after Stacy and Mr B helped me run errands (a big bag of chicken food and a big bag of chicken bedding acquired) I applied ice, and then managed to fall asleep... being asleep then so hard for three hours that I slept through two rounds of them ringing the doorbell! SO, more ice and more projects, now that I am sort of awake...

Sorry for all the whingefest, I am grumpy from pain but happy, if that can be a state... I have five people staying here this weekend, for various local events, but it means also chunks of social time with faraway folks, which is a Very Happy thing indeed.

* ear seeds = tiny acupressure helpers, courtesy of Sharon Rose


  1. You are one busy gal! I wish you speedy luck on accomplishing your commitments.

    Re knee problems: My physical therapist helped me discover that it wasn't the knee that was defective when I lost all strength in it (and experienced pain), it was nerve pinching and loss of strength in my back, hip and thigh. With her help I am re-building strength where it is needed, keeping the muscles flexible and stretched and the nerves functioning well.

  2. Thank you Carol! I am going to talk to my primary care doctor about a referral to PT...