Tuesday, December 30, 2014

random Tuesday tidbits

... in which our plucky heroine gets all experimental...

hmmm 29F outside, dry and windy... I am going to try freeze-drying my laundry, because anything that helps the utility bill be lower this month will be a good thing. The thinner sheets seemed to dry quickly, the everyday pinafores simply froze into a cartoonish flat piece. I imagine that the wind will gradually cause the moisture to sublimate.

White chocolate is weird. It seems as disinclined to melt as non dairy cheese on pizza. I tried my usual standard melt in the microwave, which burned the middle and left the rest solid. Now I have it in a pan in the oven. Why am I messing with it at all: because I want to make peppermint bark for the neighbors, since my other confections are not child-friendly... I found a bag of white chocolate chips in the pantry, and combined with giveaway candy canes from New Seasons, I was inspired. Never made candy bark before, and maybe should have looked at some recipes first. I figured "how difficult could it be to melt chocolate"... live and learn!

While baking is really like chemistry, some confectionery is not quite so specific. I am waiting for the second layer of dark chocolate to cool so I can cut the bark into pieces, fingers crossed that it will hold together...
Voila! it isn't what I expected, but it is quite delicious... there were plenty of shattered fragments to taste, to make sure I wasn't gifting something less that tasty!


  1. It looks very tasty! Happy & Plucky New Year to our Heroine!!!

    1. Happy new year you clever girl. x Pamela

  2. thank you Claire! I wish you as well a year of creativity and adventure!!

    Chocolate is not really an Alison treat, so it is all destined as gifts. I brought one plate to the project night gathering last night, and the other plate is for my kindly next-door neighbors... There was quite the discussion when I posted my white chocolate dilemma on my Facebook wall, the consensus being that it melts better in a double boiler. Personally I think that the "problem" was that I was using a variety of organic chip that while it contained plenty of cocoa butter, the sugar in the mixture was evaporated cane juice instead of sucrose, (and I know that the cane juice doesn't behave like granulated sugar)