Sunday, December 28, 2014

plugging away... which our plucky heroine corrects a small subtle detail, but one that I have been meaning to deal with for a long time...

One of the smaller fix-it tasks on my list is a cosmetic rather than structural detail: to fill the screw holes that are holding the oak beam to the wall above the stove, the beam that holds up my forged iron pot rack. There are twelve screws attaching it to the wall studs (the combined weight of the cooking pots and pans is considerable), and the holes are not a size that matches pre-made plugs, or that matches standard doweling.

Instead, an oak dowel larger than the desired diameter is cut into half inch lengths, with the one end rounded over smoothly and the other end tapered to a suitable width (19/64ths). A subtle difference but a crucial one, and requiring careful whittling skill. Fortunately I have a sharp knife...the Mora knife (aka my SCA belt knife) is the best one for shaping the tiny oak pegs... after rounding and sizing half a dozen, my hands and wrists say... take a break!

December SMART goal challenge
1 red-dyed wool,
from pokeberries
hem and new pockets
on Stacey dress
paper recycling
2 grey slip-dress new printer cable bag to Goodwill
3 two kitty face
shower handpiece
encased in rubber
three bags full
recycle and trash
4 four more kitty
 black pinafore edges
new bias binding
5 acorn ornament new furnace filter ----------
6 sekrit santa gift deodorise teak bowl ----------
7 looper potholder re-attach downspout ----------
8 wool Laurel
carved oak plugs
for kitchen beam
9 ---------- * ----------

Perhaps a bit hard to see, but the top photo shows what the beam looks like with just the countersunk screws, and the lower photo shows some finished pegs in place...


  1. What a beautiful piece of work! Brava!!!

  2. That's one of those jobs that's so fiddly to do but so worth it in the end. You will always look at that lovely oak board with pleasure instead of feeling like it's not finished yet!

  3. Thank you both... my fix-it chore list is a mixture of huge projects, and small details like this one. As my old friend Bill Dawson once said "homeownership is a time-consuming and expensive hobby"!!