Tuesday, September 2, 2014

dishpan hands

I wash all the dishes by hand here at Acorn Cottage, (the fact that the kitchen was mostly unreconstructed and without a dishwasher was actually a plus in my book) but the small single sink that was probably installed sometime in the 80's is less than ideal for a household that actually cooks. I imagine the original sink was larger, based on the underlying cabinets, and oh how I wish the original wall faucet was still there, sigh... the kitchen faucet pipes were cut and left hanging inside the wall, as we found when dealing with the bathroom plumbing.
Since my preference is to have a double sink, our plucky heroine has been making do for the last ten years with two dishpans in the sink when doing the washing up. The first set lasted ten years before the stress of usage caused irreparable wear and they became garden storage bins instead. The second set bought to replace them, same brand and style, have not lasted even a year before tearing through next to the handholds in a way that makes lifting the partially full pans of dishwater out of the sink most precarious! I was not impressed. (and now wish I had thought to read the current reviews, as I often do before making a purchase, apparently I am not the only one who finds the new "easy-tear" pans less than useful)

Washing dishes is a daily chore, however, and keeping the water properly contained is vital. So one of the small side trips this last weekend was to Ikea, where I picked up two BOHOLMEN rinsing tubs.  I am hoping that they will prove more durable. They don't hold quite as much water, which is actually a plus for conservation, and the plastic feels a bit more durable. Only time will tell...

There are some plants that need to come and live here. I want parsley, and cilantro. I want miners lettuce and purslane. I want a small rosemary. And I want a rhubarb with red stalks. Apparently my yard wants a grape, since out in the middle of the cardboard and mulch layer that I spread out earlier this summer, a feral grape has taken root. Somehow, and from who knows where... Smack dab in the center of the yard, in the spot intended for future veggie garden beds (am consulting with more experienced gardeners as to how and where to move it, since there is no good support structure there; it might be nice over in the part of the yard near the baby pear tree, where it could eventually get a trellised archway of some sort, making an entrance to the backyard)

September SMART goal challenge
1 tunic muslin for B carport cleared yardwaste bin
2 gown muslin for M shelves in SCA closet 5 yardwaste bags
3 * herb planter improved funky red dresser
4 * housefront plantings
mulched and weeded
old baby stroller
from garden shed
5 * * clay flowerpots
6 * * ----------
7 * ---------- ----------
8 * ---------- ----------
9 * ---------- ----------
10 * ---------- ----------
11 * ---------- ----------
Looking at where the gaps are in my current SMART goal chart, my effort this month will be to push myself to complete three "things made" each week. My intent the first week of September is to focus on some sewing and small metalwork projects, with the possibility of more enameling next week (fingers crossed for cooler weather)

today I am grateful for rest, for the lovely handcarved bed I sleep in that is a memory of the life I once had, for the comfort of a soft safe quiet place to sleep, for the cooling breeze from the tiny vertical fan that stands against the window gap, and for the life I have that allows me time to rest as well as to work
may this gratitude contradict despair...

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