Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday snippets

Our plucky heroine woke up shortly after the sun, in order to set the cooling fans in place early enough to do some good, and then spent the entire day in the studio: open studio day for Zenobia, and me working on the enamels for the orb project... took a break for lunch, and am just finishing a slightly longer break for dinner. A day of working, and eating salad, drinking bramble sekanjabin, and pleasant conversation.

Zenobia has been continuing to enamel, scheduling open studio time with me... This is her third and most recent piece, a stunning interpretation of a swimming koi. She enjoyed experimenting with layers of transparent enamels for the background/water and did a great job of wire-bending, capturing the essence of the fish in just four wires...

There are hours more to be done on the tiny orb enamels, but I hope to finish them tonight soon, so that commission can progress in as timely a way as possible. Spoke with Bill Dawson about where we are on that project, he will be picking up some of the additional parts this week, so the work will continue apace. We won't know until sometime in September, whether our bid for the second set of An Tir crowns will be accepted; there are, after all, two other artisans/teams also submitting designs/bids, but I remain hopeful... (For those in the SCA with reason to actually send comments on this decision, they are accepting feedback up until September Crown when the choice will be made, so look well at the various options and let your voice be heard)

was too tired to continue enameling all night, so, a spot of home repair seemed like a good idea... our plucky heroine decided to attempt to repair the oversink LED lights, which have been suffering from a wonky switch for the last six months. Found the exact identical switch (in contrasting black plastic, in my box of random electrical things, wrapped each separate junction with electrical tape, then bent them separated and wrapped a second time to secure them apart... very ugly indeed... but it works!

July SMART goal challenge
1 1st wool cardweaving hem on red silk gown bag to paper recycling
2 blue Pel Laurel green undergown mended bag to paper recycling
3 two orb enamels bicycle area cleared bag to paper recycling
4 * LED switch repaired bag to Goodwill
5 * * bag to Goodwill
6 * * bag to Goodwill
7 * * cardboard recycled
8 ---------- * cardboard recycled
9 ---------- * bag to Goodwill
10 ---------- ---------- *
11 ---------- ---------- *
12 ---------- ---------- *

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