Sunday, July 13, 2014

icumen in

in which our plucky heroine has determined that even without invitation, sumer is not just icumen in, but is already here and making itself at home...

Doing my best not to become more ill from the heat, am avoiding any non-vital outdoor activity. To go grocery shopping, have been riding bicycle after dark to local shop, balancing waiting for outdoors to cool down with need to get to store whilst they are actually still open. Earlier this week it was, while not my ideal temperature, almost pleasant to ride, with the breeze of motion providing an illusion of coolth. By the day before yesterday, as the uncommon humidity increased, that shifted and the movement of body and bicycle through the still warm slightly damp air seemed more like swimming than flying. Compared to some places on this bright world, it is still much less hot or humid, but compared to our normal, it is feverish.

Enameling in this weather is an exercise in taking good care, taking breaks for water and electrolytes, and pacing. The forecast is around 90F, so cooler than the day before, but not the best weather for kiln work... still work at all is a good thing, and promised commissions need to happen regardless of the weather.
My first wool cardweaving has been completed, and thanks to a tip from my pal Marya, there was a remarkably small amount of loom waste. Using an elastic hair tie or two to loop off the end knot of the warp, allows for weaving almost up to the bitter end. I am not certain how much take-up there was, as I didn't accurately measure the initial warp, but I have almost enough length to put around the entire top edge of a new wool wintertime apron-dress. Finished width of band is about 12mm.

Had another partial day with my friend K, who is helping me declutter my life, and we spent more time in the studio/workroom. The bulk of the space is now free of major extraneous objects and ready to be reconfigured. A number of bags went into either paper recycling or the Goodwill pile, though it was too hot to walk up to the corner, those will go away in the next few days... There are still some shelves of small things that need sorted and reorganised, and there are many ideas percolating for how best to make the space even more useful for both my own work and for teaching...

July SMART goal challenge
1 wool cardweaving * bag to paper recycling
2 * * bag to paper recycling
3 * * bag to paper recycling
4 * * bag to Goodwill
5 * * bag to Goodwill
6 * * *
7 * * *
8 ---------- * *
9 ---------- * *
10 ---------- ---------- *
11 ---------- ---------- *
12 ---------- ---------- *


  1. It is unusually hot and humid up here too. And I am taking a 2 day enameling class @ Danaca w/Keith Lewis. It is a great class and great group. But with three kilns going it's a 3-liters of electrolyte drink/day environment! Looking forward to seeing your enamels. (I have a stretchy headband, who knows where it came from, but I wore it all day and periodically soaked it in water. It helped a bit). Take care down there!

  2. What fun to have a chance to enamel up there... I enjoyed teaching at Danaca the times I had an opportunity to do that... alas Dana found it was too spendy for her to pay my transportation cost to come to Seattle to teach, but she has a great facility and runs a good school. When the weather is this hot, I wrap a wet bandanna around my head, and another over my shoulders and the back of my neck - it looks rather dorky but turns me into my own human swamp cooler, which helps when the weather is rubbish.. take care, drink those electrolytes, and have fun! I look forward to seeing what you accomplish