Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday tidbits

Monday afternoon was exciting! Lots of LOUD thunder-n-lightning directly overhead, and a fair amount of 1/4" to 3/8" hail, followed by and including another intense downpour... this is the sort of summer storm I grew up with, back in the Northeast, where there is a much more even distribution of precipitation throughout the year, but not what I expect around here. Perhaps this is a different weather pattern than in the last ten years; instead of lovely grey soft mornings and unpleasantly hot glaring sunshine in the afternoon, the renowned "June gloom", we are getting quite a few strong thundershowers.

Fortunately I enjoy a good thunderstorm, which could not be said about the dog I saw running away just as we drove up to my house (pal W gave me a lift home). 'Twas just before the storm hit, and am wondering if the pooch heard the thunder moving this way... still, no way to safely stop and catch an unknown dog running fast, with no human companion in sight... hope that story ended well...
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Progress continues on the tiny Viking horse embroidery project... Not sure if I will simply leave the horses as pale blue outline images, or fill them in. The rest of the embroidered cuffs are a pretty elaborate combination of red, yellow, pearl, and several shades of blue, I think that these will look more like part of the design if some of those colors are included... Once these are closer to done, I can start on the second underdress.
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This may not look particularly delightful, but in fact, this is a bunch of young "green" garlic that my friend Wanda gave me; the garlic is mostly too young to have developed bulbs, and wonderfully tender. It won't last long around here (reminding me that planting garlic this year is a must-do), some has already been cut into chunks and been roasted under the skin of some chicken legs, for added flavor and to keep it from burning. The two chicken legs will make at least three meals, and then turn into soup...
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