Monday, June 16, 2014

what do these three have in common?

our plucky heroine has made sewing a part of her life for many many years, and yet, there are far more sorts of artwork that can be done with those tools than I have ever considered... recently found two different animated tidbits that both make use of sewing/embroidery in different ways... one is this pop video that uses stop motion to animate sewing equipment and threads, in a most entertaining fashion:

and this one uses machine embroidery images frame by frame to create a science fiction narrative, all set to heavy metal, you can read more about the process, or just watch the movie:

Lastly, my habit of reading sewing blogs occasionally casts up a gem of great beauty on the electronic shoreline... I was perusing biblioblog's current post, and she mentioned the sculptural work of Susan Else, and linked to an artwork: "Hard Times" that I found to be profoundly moving...

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  1. I love the first video! Wherever do you find such fascinating stuff?